Combining Pouring Mediums

You might have been expecting a rainbow of color, but not today. It’s all blues for a monochromatic look.

When I am using multiple pouring mediums, I mix them up in the little cups.  Why? Because only if I mix the different pouring mediums at the same time do I get a similar ratio.  Why is it important that the ration be similar in each color? Because in order for a dried painting to be relatively smooth, it is important that the paints on it is are reasonably similar with regard to the pouring medium. As you saw in the last lesson, separated pouring mediums dry at different rates which leads to what I call topographical texture.

Lots of paint around the flipped cup, so that will make it run more.  Usually I use white but not this time.

I did the first one with the Tilt-O-Whirl method, but the leftover bits of the pour called to me, so I decided to add it to the first one.  When you have impulses and urges to do things, as long as it doesn’t involve eating or breaking the law, give it a try.

The canvases were level before I started, but not engineering level.  So if I see the paint running excessively to one side I will use the ever handy popsicle stick to raise it ever so slightly.

Wipe your hand along the bottom and redrip it back on the canvas.  Adds some cool looks.




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