Lifting Slippery Weights

The weight of each paint impacts how it behaves.  Surface tension too.  The black mixes and darkens things.  Touching up the sides with finger to get a full look without having to tip it too much.  The more it tips the more you lose the cells.


As it changes, you might be disappointed because you loved what you had, but then suddenly don’t.  But give it time to continue developing and drying.  I am often surprised by how much I love them!  Add in the cut out parts you love video?

These canvases will change quite a bit! The same colors were used to get both looks- very different- and little changes will make big impacts. So that is why it is impossible to get the exact same pour as someone else, or even yourself.

We’re playing with the strength of each mixture – think of it as a thicker m


Thin confetti layers will lead to more color mixing.  There is only a touch of black added because it can easily take over.

The higher you get in the cup, the less the colors will mix because when you flip the cup upside down, the paint that is now on the top, won’t have to travel very far.  The paint that is on the bottom, will have to travel to the bottom and that journey is when mixing can happen.  So thinner layers at the bottom will mix more than thicker layers at the bottom.

There’s a lot of paint in this cup for this size canvas, so I know that some will go running off the edge.

Why won’t it stay just like this? Because there is so much paint!

But why didn’t it stay so vibrant? Why did it go to mud? There were thin layers of paint, so mixing was easier, then as it flowed around, the black took over by mixing around.


The 2nd canvas had significantly less paint so there wasn’t as much paint moving around. It also was not tipped one bit.



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