Making It Rain

How using the layers create interest but it very easily mixes so the colors end up more jewel tone or earth tones.


Every drop adds a striation or detail to the canvas.  The more drops the more details but it is a lot of paint so even if it is a thick honey base, when there is a lot of paint, any uneven ness will mean some sliding/flowing.


The first drops come fast and furious, can be much smaller drops because there is more pressure coming out the holes because tehre is more paint in there.  The less paint in the cup the bigger the drops and the slower they come out.

Holding your cup up higher means bigger splots.


The layer of white on the canvas is a thick honey so that it will hold the the drops in place.


Need a fluid pouring medium so that it will come out the holes.  When I’ve used Floetrol to do this, it barely came out even when the cup was full!


Every time these are different.  Some I love some  need some work.

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