Modeling Paste Play: Colorful Patterned Papers

Making colorful textured papers with modeling paste and stencils workshop with Carolyn Dube



I adore the look of little bits of layered color all around the page but I am not willing to spend hours carefully placing each little drop of color.

My solution to that? Let the textures created with modeling paste and stencils do the heavy lifting for me.  This a la carte workshop uses modeling paste with acrylic paints and oil pastels as we explore different color combinations plus ways to alter a stenciled design.

I’ve figured out the details so you can focus on the fun. In these videos, you’ll see everything from start to finish. You get it all so you can jump right in and start playing. And of course, you’ll have access to me to answer any questions you might have in the classroom.

This a la carte workshop contains 40+ minutes of video instruction.  You have lifetime access to the classroom and all materials.  The videos can be downloaded and watched off line as it fits into your schedule!

What about supplies? What do you need? I am a big fan of using what you have or substituting with what you can easily get.  Most importantly for this workshop you need modeling paste.  It can go by several names such as molding paste, texture paste, dimensional paste, or embossing paste.  Notice the word paste in them all- the paste is important.  The one I use in the workshops is here.  A complete supply list with links is in the classroom for you.

So what does it all cost? $15 for any one workshop. $39 for all 3 plus the bonus workshop plus a private Facebook group (but you must purchase all 3 at the same time for the bonus).

This series has 3 a la carte workshops, this one plus Dimensional Decals and Spray Inks and Tissue Paper. Each different from the other and I couldn’t stop there! I have a 4th workshop that expands on the techniques of the first 3 workshops. That I am giving for free to everyone who joins all 3 workshops.

Want the complete Modeling Paste Play series and bonus workshop?  You need to purchase them all at the same time for the bonus- you can find that link here.


Modeling Paste Play: Colorful Patterned Papers