Reusing a canvas- Topographical results- swipe

What do you do with the pours you detest?  Pour on top of them!

Spritz the top with rubbing alcohol and rub with a clean paper towel/cloth to remove any oils or grease. Let it dry. This will help the next layer stick to it.

The canvas I used was very dark, the big reason I didn’t like it, so I knew I needed lots of paint to cover it up.  I added a layer of white to help the paint flow better.

Each color was added in the colors of the rainbow. And yes, I am mixing pouring products.  Why? Because that is what I had mixed up in the jars.

A top layer of white was put on confetti style.

Then a swipe.  As little pressure as possible so that all the paint isn’t dragged to the end. Need the paint to stay and cover up the black underneath.

Notice how runny/moving the orange and yellow are compared to the teal.  That was more like molasses, and the others like lemonade.

White base- Floetrol and Americana white paint

Magenta- Liquitex Pouring Medium

Hot Pink- Liquitex Pouring Medium

Orange- very fluid, used Deco Art Pouring Medium

Yellow- very fluid, used Deco Art Pouring Medium

Green- Liquitex Pouring Medium

Teal –extremely thick, had lots of paint in Liquitex Pouring Medium

Blue- Liquitex Pouring Medium

Purple-Liquitex Pouring Medium

White confetti top coat – Americana white paint with silicone and liquitex pouring medium

I could have left it at any point that I wanted, but the urge to tip it and move it took over so I started tipping and adding more paint to the edges.

Then gravity began to do its part by gently pulling the colors.  The more fluid the color and less surface strength(tension), the farther/more gravity can move it. The thicker the paint and the more surface strength the tougher it is for gravity to pull it.


In the final piece, you can see how the teal and the yellow and orange behaved differently.  Less paint is needed to get color movement when using a more fluid concoction.  And when you use a variety of fluid concoctions, it impacts the results.

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