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Welcome to Art Play Live: Unleashing the Freedom of Play! I can’t wait for our calls together! The computer elves are sending you an email with all the workshop details, dates and times.

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If this is your very first workshop here, the computer elves will be creating your unique your username and password and emailing it to you in the next 3 minutes.

Don’t want to wait? I get that- I hate waiting too so I found a secret short cut.

  • Use the email you purchased the course with as your username and do the forgot password link and this will enable you to set your password to whatever you’d like.

If you’ve taken any of my other workshops, you can log right in and the course will be waiting in your My Courses section.

What if you log in and can’t see all your courses? Could you have 2 different accounts? This is all based on the email you used to purchase the workshop but sometimes that email is not the same one you use for things like classrooms.

If that’s the case, just email  me at carolyn at acolorfuljourney dot com and we can combine multiple accounts into one so you only have to log in one place to get all your courses.

Need any help logging in? Just email me at carolyn at acolorfuljourney dot com and we’ll get it figured out together!