Technology Help

Below are answers to the most common technology questions.  This has solutions to about 90% of all technology issues in the workshop.  If you don’t find the answer here that you need, email me ( carolyn at acolorfuljourney dot com ) and we’ll get it figured out.  When you email me, the more information you give me the faster we can find a solution together.

Video Password Help
Video says OOPS
Trouble Playing a Video
Things just aren’t working right
How to download a PDF
How to download a video to your computer
How to download a video on a mobile device
How to watch in HD


Video Passwords – There is one video password that is the same for all of us.  It is written below each video on each lesson page. It is different from the password you use to log in.

Why do videos need passwords? Because they are hosted on Vimeo – that way you can download them or watch them on mobile devices.

To make it as easy as possible, all the videos in a single workshop have the same password and it is listed below each and every video.

Video password won’t work.  Be sure that you are entering it correctly and using the video password (that’s written below each video).  I can’t tell you how many times I am sure I was typing my password correctly, but I wasn’t.  Especially on mobile devices, they seem to be extra tricky with auto capital letters.

Be sure there are no spaces before, in, or after the password.

The passwords are case sensitive so be sure that capital letters are only there when they are supposed to be.  My phone starts every sentence with a capital letter so I occasionally catch it capitalizing a letter I didn’t intend.

The video says “OOPS that wasn’t supposed to happen.  Please try again in a few minutes”  That can be caused by your page being open for an extended period of time or a technology hiccup. Either way, just refresh the page and it will display correctly.

Video stops and starts If you are having any trouble with a video stopping or pausing that is related to it buffering. In a perfect world, we click on the video and it just plays.  But what is happening in the computer buffering?  Basically, the computer has to download the next few minutes of video before it can play it for you.  When your internet connection is slow, then it takes longer to buffer.  Internet connections can slow for a lot of reasons from lots of people watching movies at once to an issue with your Internet Service Provider.

There are 2 solutions for this.  One is to pause the video and give it a couple of minutes to buffer before you play it.  Another is to download the video to your computer or device and then watch it.

Trouble playing a video? Here are a couple of suggestions.  Vimeo also has a help page here.

      • Refresh the page you’re on if it is has been open for a bit.
      • Switching to a different browser solves many issues.  Vimeo works with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.
      • If using a mobile device please be sure your operating system and any apps you are using are up to date.
      • Clear your browser’s cache.  How?  On a PC, hold down the shift button and reload the page. On a Mac, hold down the command button and hold down the r button at the same time.  This method resets the information about the page that’s stored in your browser.
      • Are you watching in HD?  HD is high definition and takes longer to load or download.  The video is crisper and clearer but takes longer.

When things aren’t working like they should, the most common fix is to refresh the page. If a page has been left open for an afternoon and then you come back to it, it might be glitchy.  A quick refresh can get things back on track.

If that doesn’t solve it, then restart your device or computer.  If you’re like me, you leave your devices on for days, okay, I do it for weeks, and then things just get glitchy.  Think of it like when you don’t get enough sleep and just start forgetting things you normally wouldn’t.  That same kind of thing happens to computers when they are not shut down completely every so often.  So first thing to try is restarting your device.

      • Another fix is to switch browsers (say from Firefox to Chrome, etc). It’s amazing how many problems this can resolve instantly.
      • If you’re feeling techie…empty the cache and browsing history.  That can often clear up weird computer elf issues.
      • If you are using an older computer, there may be programs that don’t update any more.  That may mean that things get glitchy at times.  If at all possible, make sure your computer is updated and any programs or browsers you are using are also up to date.
      • Make sure your operating system and apps are all updated.  Updating can do magic, especially on mobile devices.

How to Download a pdf

How to Download a video:

To download a video on an iOS device, you need to use their app.  Here are the steps from Vimeo.

Downloading videos for offline playback- be sure you are using their app. If you don’t have the app, it’s free and available in the App store.
When viewing a feed of videos, tap the ellipsis next to the video you want to download and tap “Make Available Offline.” Your video will begin downloading to your device, and you’ll see a progress bar appear. Once the download has completed, you can find it under the Offline tab of your Playlists.

You can also download a video while in the player view by tapping the Download icon. Downloaded videos are only available for playback within the Vimeo app, and cannot be accessed by other apps.

To remove a downloaded video, go to the Offline tab of your Playlists, tap the ellipsis, and then tap “Remove from Offline.” Videos can also be removed while in the Player view by tapping the blue Download icon.

How can I watch it in HD (high definition) or change to SD? 
Click on the gear at the bottom of the video and select what quality you want to watch.