Playful Art Journaling and the 10 Play Principles

Do you wonder if you’re doing it right? What if you could know for absolute certain, incontrovertibly, completely and utterly, and without a shadow of a doubt, that anything, and I mean ANYTHING that you make, will be ok? When you’re playing, you can know that. How?

Because play connects you to the real you. Not the trying to please others you. Not the you that wonders if you’re worthy (you are by the way). Not the overworked you that shoulders the responsibilities so others can get what they need. The real you.

Once you’re able to connect with that place inside, that’s not the only thing that you’ll know.

Play can keep you from being stuck.

Ever start a project and it feels right, looks great but then you get to a point where the background is good and you don’t know where to go next? Play can guide you so that you always know your next step.

You never have to be paralyzed by a blank page again.

Blank pages can be scary – especially when you’re staring at it, not knowing exactly what you want to do. Or it can be so many ideas racing through your head it’s hard to decide where to start. But when you know how to play, you can get that pressure down and get started creating.

Play guides the building of layers.

Do you want to have the multilayer art journal look but find it is difficult to add something on top of what you already like? Play can gently guide you through the decisions so you can comfortably create the kinds of layers you want. A side bonus of play, is you know when to quit. When it’s the right time to stop.

Figuring out the how

Something so effortless for kids can be such a struggle for adults! But it doesn’t have to be. After all, we were kids once, so that means we know how to do it. The challenge is how to switch into a playful mode. It’s not about having the right supplies. Or using the best techniques. Or having endless hours of time. It’s about understanding play.

I didn’t always understand how to play, but 12 years ago I realized how much I needed it. Even though I had a good life, I couldn’t always feel it. There was a part of me that had gone numb but I noticed that whenever I played with my art supplies, I felt a little bit of me alive again. I had stumbled into a way to connect with myself. The real me.

Slowly, I came back to me and felt whole again. It was a very slow process filled with lots of flopping and floundering but along the way, that’s what enabled me to figure out what blocks the play and what yanks us out of that creative zone. And more importantly, HOW to do it.

What I discovered led to the ten Play Principles. Ten specific ways to reduce pressure. Pressure, in its many forms, is what keeps the play from happening.

The very first Play Principle I figured out was O.O.P.S. Whenever I would make a mistake, and I made a lot of them, I would beat myself up for screwing up. I needed a way to not take it all so seriously, to not get stuck in my head punishing myself for whatever crime against art supplies I had created. So I started saying O.O.P.S. (Outstanding Opportunity Presenting Suddenly) as a playful reminder that inside every mistake is an opportunity.

Saying O.O.P.S. lifted enough of the pressure so I could keep creating. As I figured out the remaining nine Play Principles, I realized, that while they were each very useful for reducing pressure, when all ten were used together, they were far more impactful.

I’ve had so many people ask me HOW do you let go to really play that I wanted to create a workshop to help you get there. The kind of workshop that was for all skill levels (because the only prerequisite for play is having been a kid once). The kind of workshop that could use any art supply so you have the freedom to use what you already have on hand. The kind of workshop that was all about understanding how to apply the Play Principles.

It’s been a 12 year journey to create this workshop, and the plan was for it to be a two weeks long. But I just couldn’t stop there. I added a third week. And some bonuses. Join me for Playful Art Journaling and the 10 Play Principles.

The workshop begins when you register and then for 21 days you’ll get a new video!

What’s included:

  • Three weeks of daily videos with five main lessons a week- all with closed captions
  • Printable Downloads: the Play Cheat Sheet pdf, vintage photos, and ephemera
  • Lifetime access so you can watch it at your pace, online or off since the videos are downloadable
  • A supportive community of fellow creatives in both the classroom and the optional Facebook group
  • Your workshop questions answered directly by me
  • 14 Day No Hassle Money Back Guarantee

Plus these bonuses!

Blocking the Bleed
Blocking the Bleed

Five ways to stop Dylusions spray inks (or any art supply) from bleeding through your layers.

Turn Your Pages into Wall Art
Turn Your Pages into Wall Art

Your art doesn’t have to stay in your journal! See how to get those pages up onto your walls!

Mastering Scribble Journaling
Mastering Scribble Journaling

What are the six tricks for getting that loose scribbled look onto your pages? Find out in this bonus!

If you’re ready to ditch the pressure and let the play in then join me for Playful Art Journaling and the 10 Play Principles.

Why did I choose to use art journaling with the Play Principles for this workshop? It’s a very practical choice for 4 reasons.

  • Flexibility. You can work in any size journal, layer by layer or page by page. Whatever fits your needs.
  • Space saver. An art journal can hold 30+ pages and if those were each a canvas, that would require a lot of space to store them all.
  • No pressure. Your journal is a no pressure place to experiment and explore- it’s just paper after all. And you don’t have to show it to anyone if you don’t want.
  • Versatile. You can use just about any art supply in it and what you create in your journal can easily become something you put on your wall.

Are you wondering if you’re using the right supplies?

What are the right supplies for art journaling? Or mixed media? Or for play? Whatever you have, whatever brand, in any colors you love, those are the right supplies to use! The perfect supply is the one within arm’s reach. There is no perfect supply that everyone must use. There are just the ones you enjoy, like, and have. During the workshop you’ll see me use a variety of supplies. I’ll explain why I chose them and what other supplies do the same thing.


If you’re ready to ditch the pressure and let the play in then join me for Playful Art Journaling and the 10 Play Principles. I can’t wait to see where the play takes you!