Registration Help for Permission to Play

Are you trying to get registered for a workshop and it isn’t going as expected…I am so sorry the computer elves are being brats!  I have worked very hard to make it all go smoothly and I constantly bribe those elves, but they still act up on occasion.  I have a list of possible answers here that may help you quickly get into the workshops and put those computer elves in their places!


The computer says it knows you but you don’t think you have an account here.  If you have already taken a workshop on this site, then you set up a username and password at some point.  Your username is not your email.  If you’ve forgotten it, no worries!  Just go to the forgotten username/password page here and the computer elves will send you those.


Locked out? This happens when the computer elves notice someone trying a bunch of different passwords or usernames to get in and they are worried it is someone trying to hack in…not a legitimate creative art person like you.

If that is the case- please wait 30 minutes and you will be able to enter your username and password again.

Why isn’t your username and password working when you know it is the correct ones? It usually happens due to unintended typing oopsies, especially on mobile devices.

I recommend copy and pasting and be very careful to not have any spaces before or after the username or password. If you aren’t sure if your username or password are correct, then hit the forgot username or password and the computer elves will send it to you.


Where is my email?  It might be in your spam folder or promotions tab on gmail. Even if you’ve gotten ones from me before and it all went well, sometimes it ends up unexpectedly in those locations.

I asked for the computer to send me my password but the email didn’t show up. Why? The email was sent from my email provider, but it may have run into challenges. These are computer elf kinds of challenges. You have done everything correctly, and I have done everything correctly.   Your internet service provider has to process a gazillion emails, bits,and bytes all while being on the lookout for spam.  While it does that, some times there are emails that get caught in the filters of the email server that should have been delivered.  Which is where I suspect your missing email is.  This is intensely frustrating for us all.  You just want your email.  I want you to have your information.  Neither of us has the ability to access the mail servers.  Solutions…wait 8-12 hours and request the email again.  It will probably get through this time.  If it doesn’t, email me (address at the bottom of this page)  and let me know what is going on and we’ll figure out a way to get you in to your workshop.


Have you received the email with the secret link to join the free workshop? Yes? Great! If not, did you get get the link to confirm to the elves that you want to join Permission to Play?  Keep reading for where to look for that email or how to get it resent to you.


Have you confirmed your email for the for the free workshop? That’s the only way the computer elves will be allowed to send you the secret link. If not, check your spam to see if it is hiding there. Wait an hour, then check for it again – sometimes there are delays due to how your ISP is routing emails. If it’s still not there, then after 12 hours you can re-sign up again and the elves will resend the confirmation to you. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to resend it to you. Don’t want to wait 12 hours to play- I can understand that! You can also get signed up with a different email and sometimes that resolves all the issues. Go here to sign up again.


Where is my confirmation email?

1. Look for the message in any other folders it may have been mis-routed to, especially spam.

2. Wait an hour, then check for it again – sometimes there are delays due to how your ISP is routing emails.

3. Use a different email address. I don’t know why exactly this works, but I have learned over time it really really does.

What if all that doesn’t work? The computer can’t resend the confirmation for 12 hours and I am not allowed to send it to you…but if it has been more than 12 hours the you have another option. Then the computer elves can resend the confirmation to you- you just need to go back to the sign up and enter your name and email again.


If you’ve tried the secret link and things are not going perfectly, here are several things to try.

  1. Change browsers. For example, switch from Firefox to Chrome.
  2. Switch devices. If you’re on a mobile device try a desktop computer.
  3. On a mobile device? Check that your device and apps are updated.
  4. Do you already have an account on my workshop site but can’t remember a username or password? Go to forgot your username or password. to have your username sent to you and a link to reset your password.
  5. Once you are logged in to your account, go to your dashboard at Then click on the link to join Permission to Play.
  6. The computer says you have an account already but you swear you don’t. You might have set it up a long time ago using an old email. Try any of your emails until you find the one you set it up with originally.


Still need help?  Email me at support at acolorfuljourney dot com It’s written the “long way” here to reduce spamming.

Be sure to tell me what exactly you are seeing and where, the more specific you are the faster I can get it resolved for you.