Username and Password

Just purchased a workshop and didn’t get the email with your username and password? Here are the two most common solutions:

Check your spam or promotions folder.

Sometimes,the computer elves play hide and seek with this email so take a look in your spam or promotiosn folder.


Check if you already have an account here.

Perhaps a while ago you took another workshop, like Permission to Play. Even if you took it 3 years ago, you’ve still got an account. All of your workshops will be on your My Courses page.

So log in here using your email (that you purchased the workshop with) and your password. But wait, if it’s been 3 years, you might not remember your password. No problem! Use the lost password link to reset it.


What if you do both of these things and still can’t get in?

In a perfect world, that would fix it all and get your right in and playing. But if those two things don’t work, then you need me to straighten out those misbehaving computer elves.

Send me an email ( carolyn at acolorfuljourney dot com) or hit reply to any of the emails I’ve sent you, and let me know as many details as you can about whats happening. The more details you give me the faster I can get it resolved. And we’ll get it figured out together!