Username and Password

Just purchased a workshop and didn’t get the email with your username and password?

In a perfect world, it would all go seamlessly but this is technology and it does do strange things some days. Sorry that it’s acting up for you!

To get you into the workshop, as quickly as possible, here are the two most common solutions that fix 95% of the issues.

Check your spam or promotions folder.

Sometimes, the computer elves play hide and seek with this email so take a look in your spam or promotions folder.


Check if you already have an account here

Perhaps a while ago you took another workshop, like Permission to Play. Even if you took it 3 years ago, you’ve still got an account. All of your workshops will be on your My Courses page.

To check if you already have an account here, simply go to using the email that you purchased the workshop with as your username to log in.

What about the password? If you’re not even sure if you have an account already, there’s a reasonable chance you don’t know the password. No problem! Just use the lost password link to reset your password.

So how does this tell you if you already have an account? Well, if you get an email to reset your password, then you know you’ve got an account already. Simply reset it to whatever you want, and log in.

If you don’t get an email to reset your password, then that means the computer elves are misbehaving and I will need to get them in line for you!

Send me an email (carolyn at acolorfuljourney dot com) and let me know what’s happening so I can fix it for you.

Thank you for your patience and understanding dealing with technology and the computer elves!