BONUS How to Rescue an Ugly Canvas

Trying different things involves some risk.  There is no guarantee that every canvas will be worthy of hanging on your wall.  But every time you take a risk, try something new, something different, you learn something.  Sometimes, it is simply what you don’t like.  Which is actually very useful information. Sometimes you get a better handle on how much paint gets you the results you like.  Sometimes you find colors you love together or never want to see together again.  Even if it is an ugly canvas you are getting valuable experience and information.

But what can you do when it’s just ugly to you?  Notice that I said “ugly to you”.  It’s not that it’s “bad” or “wrong”. For each of us, there is a different definition of ugly.  What one thinks is horrifying ugly another things is stunning.  What matters is if you feel your canvas is ugly.

In the process of adding more layers to this canvas, I used my 4 go to techniques for shifting an ugly canvas to one like or even love.

  1. Add more colors.
  2. Do some swiping to create more cells.
  3. Add a large area of one color. That breaks it up, because sometimes it is just too busy.
  4. Scrape a bunch of it off and add a solid color.  Adding a new solid color can really change how the other parts look.

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