Bonus Needle Pours

Nothing gives you everything. Using the syringe creates more air bubbles than any other technique I have done.  But it does the most delicate intricate cells so I make the trade that I have to be vigilant about the bubbles.


Cover a canvas with paint.

If it comes with a needle, remove it.

Put tape on the open space on the bottom.

Fill the syringe with very fluid paint/pouring medium/silicone (or other cell maker).  Leave enough room at the top to get the plunger back on it and the flip it and remove the tape.

Squirt the color- all or or in a specific area.


One was done with white paint/pouring medium and one was done with only white paint.  Basically one fluid and one not.  The one that did not have the pouring medium, it didn’t spread out, so it looks darker, but with the pouring medium, it did spread and stayed lighter/brighter.

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