Backwash- You can add paint at any point

Using the dregs from the last pour, the remnants in the cup that had backwashed to a bit muddy already, I dumped them on the canvas.

Letting a dirty pour sit in the cup for a long time will also change how it looks. This is a make it and use it situation.

By default, I prefer brighter more vibrant colors so I tend to pour it out in only 1 or 2 tips of the cup otherwise it goes muddy due to the backwashing.   If you like the earthy colors or darker colors, then you might want to use a larger cup or pour it out in little bits to create extra backwashing.


So, I didn’t like the olive green that was taking over so I brought back the bright colors.  They will all work together because it is a parent and child color situation.  That green was made with the blue and yellow and magenta so it will be visually pleasing with those colors.

The blue that I used, the teal, was super thick, pudding thick so that impacted how things ran and flowed.  In the squirt bottle I had more fluid teal so I used that in places too.  Once the action starts happening, I use whatever is within arms reach.






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