Bonus- Unleash the Mad Scientist In You

What does each pouring medium do? Well, you ca


Let’s go crazy, let’s get nuts, let’s go with pouring mixtures that are completely customized to you.


If you want things to be super quick,so you can get right to the play but have the exact pouring medium you want, make a master batch.

We know that the more dimethicone you add, the more craters you have in your dried painting.  We know that Floetrol dries extremely flat and matte.  Liquitex and deco art dry with a gloss.  They are syrup and flow well.  Floetrol is thicker and tends to stay more where you put it compared to the other two.  So, let’s mix up a custom batch.


Make a batch with a jar and mark the jar, where to fill each one.  Mostly withe deco art, then some floetrol, and the dimethicone.  Then do one with liquitex and same floetrol, and dimethicone.




In the second video, you’ll see how to use what you know about the pouring mediums to build a master jar of your custom favorites and repeat it over and over.  Let’s Go Mad Scientist




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