Manipulating the Paint

It’s okay to change your mind or find that you don’t like an area.  Just erase it.

The more paint gets manipulated, the more likely it is to make mud if you have Frenemy colors.

The Swipe pressure

To get a very light skim on the top, to really make cells appear, I use a piece of paper.  Just the very edge of the paper is on the paint.  If I put more the paper down, then it can actually move most of the paint. Can rip up the paper to work in smaller places.

To do very surgical swipes, the palette knife or a small piece of cardboard.


Thicker paint moves more slowly, so the teal in the Liquitex side, slows down the flow.  When I mixed it, it has a significantly more paint in it than say the yellow, which flowed very easily.


Create lines with a thin drag of a tag.

Using a Sharpie lets the wide lines happen and it will fill back in if there is enough paint.  If you find it doesn’t fill back in, that means you had a thin layer of paint.

Using something thin, like a bamboo skewer, can make delicate, wispy lines, but they can often disappear as the paint shifts.


OOPS, I dripped pink paint on the other painting.  Just dabbing my finger on it lifted it right up.


This stuff takes a while to dry, so if you’ve got an area that you really don’t like or that you’ve worked to mud, wipe it off, add more paint on top.

Use paint to manipulate the paint. By putting the puddle of green there, it pushed out at the other colors.

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