Does Oil Really Make a Difference?

Does it really make more cells if you use dimethicone or silicone oil? Yes, and we’re going to do 2 canvases, side by side, to show that.  One canvas will not have any dimethicone and the other will. Any time I use or say dimethicone, you can use any oil cell maker, like silicone oil, in its place.

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Now it’s your turn to play. Grab your paints, decide if you want to try an oil, then add that paint confetti style and swipe away!

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Supplies Used (and as always substitute with what you have on hand or prefer to use)

Pouring medium: Deco Art

Dimethicone or other cell maker like silicone oil

Paint was added to each canvas confetti style in the same order to try to keep everything the same, as much as I could.  Is it perfectly exact? Nope, but in terms of paint pouring, it’s as close as it can be.

To move the paint over the entire canvas, I swiped it with a palette knife.  The first one was the dimethicone paint and swiping just along the top, creates the most cells.

Using the same technique, the 2nd canvas was swiped. But not so many cells and more paint mixing too. This one didn’t have the drop of dimethicone in it and the paint behaved differently.

Here they are all dry.  So which is better, to use dimethicone or silicone oil or not?  That is personal preference. If you love cells and want more of them, then you will find the oil helpful.  If you don’t want that look then you want to skip the oil.



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