What to do When It’s Ugly

It’s going to happen. There are going to be some pours that just make you say YUCK!  That’s what happened here.  It was pretty predictable that it was going to start out badly since I was using backwash that had been really backwashed, and then let to sit a while and mix some more. That made muted and muddier colors and I prefer the bright ones. So already a strike against this being amazing immediately.

Pours that don’t rock your world are great opportunities to let go and see what happens.  I threw the kitchen sink at this until it started to look the way I wanted.

Adding alcohol created more reactions, made it almost watery on top, and that will evaporate off, but it might add to the drying time a bit.

The dots I put on there were driving me crazy- they were in too much of a line to make me happy so I kept messing with them, all the way to drawing the circles with the palette knife. And for all that, as it dried, things blended and flowed and those circles mostly disappeared.



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