The Single Most Important Factor

What’s the single most important factor when it comes to stenciling? Knowing if the art supply you’re using will give you a crisp image or not. You’re about to see very loose stenciling all the way to very crisp!

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Runny or fluid art supplies can create a very painterly look, like what you saw done with watercolors. Using a thicker (like heavy body paint) or drier art supply creates a crisper image.

If you’re willing to “take a 3 year old to the symphony” you can get a crisp look using a runny art supply by using a very small amount and/or a very light touch.

One of the great things about stencils is how many different looks a single stencil can create. As you’re playing, you can mix and match crisp layers and loose painterly layers!

Now it’s your turn to play! Grab a stencil and experiment with your art supplies to create loose abstract looking stenciling, some crisp stenciling and notice which ones you like the most!

I’ll see you in the next video where we’re combining something runny with something not to create a different look as we explore edges.

While you’re creating, I hope you’ll grab your camera and take a picture because we would all love to see it! Share it with us all here in the comments below!

Supplies used in this lesson: I encourage you to substitute whatever you want whenever you want! A word about pricing- if a supply seems bizarrely expensive, substitute with another supply. I’ve found prices, especially on Amazon can really fluctuate.


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