Using Masks

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Decide where you’re going to add color using the stencil or the mask. Draw light pencil guidelines.

Add stripes of paint.

Using a fineliner, add some scribble journaling over the rainbow stripes. The Pico Embellisher comes with the color already in it. The others come as empty tubes and you can fill them with whatever you want. As long as it can come out the tip, you can put it in there! For this video, I used acrylic inks.

Use the stencil as a guide for placement of the mask. Use a small amount of washi tape or other repositionable tape on the back of it to hold it in place.

Add the black paint, or any other color you want to use. Cover as much or as little of the background as you want- you have the freedom to interpret this technique any way you want.

Remove the mask to reveal the color!

Now it’s your turn to play! Take a peek at your stencils and see if you have any masks! Play around with putting colorful layers under the masks!

I will see you in the next video where I’m sharing how to choose a color that will pop other than black or white to use with a mask.

While you’re creating, I hope you’ll grab your camera and take a picture because we would all love to see it! Share it with us all here in the comments below!

Supplies used in this lesson: I encourage you to substitute whatever you want whenever you want! A word about pricing- if a supply seems bizarrely expensive, substitute with another supply. I’ve found prices, especially on Amazon can really fluctuate. You can see the full workshop supply list here.

Pico colors used: Dandelion, Electric Coral, and Bahama Blue

Acrylic Ink used:Flame Orange & Light Green


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  1. I tried my had at making a mask, I don’t have any to talk about and I thought the bird was a good Choice. It turned out ok, I think I’m a put a gift card on my Christmas list to get some I like. I do like this tech so I’ll be using it again

    1. The bird was a great choice Anna! That’s the perk of trying out the techniques- you can see which ones you like before you commit to buying something like masks!

  2. Here’s the first one I did using stripes. Sorry I didn’t post this inn order. 🙁 I thought I could attach more than one file at a time if the files were small enough.

  3. I need your input Carolyn. I own only one mask stencil and it’s kinda complex for this activity, but I gave it a go using vertical stripes the first go round and didn’t feel like the image is discernible unless you’re familiar with the stencil. So I repeated the activity again using circles instead of stripes , but the result doesn’t seem to be an improvement. Suggestions?

    1. How awesome that you’re experimenting with what look you like for your mask Sabrina! Something to try if you want the hand pattern to stand out more is to use the stencil part first and do sloppy stenciling on the hands. Two possibilities that come to mind are doing each circle of hands one color- so the large hands color 1, the medium hands color 2 and the smaller hands color 3 or if doing each hand a different color or assortment of colors. Then remove the stencil. This is now your guide for the colors. I would then take a brush or sponge and go around the hands, making it more areas of color instead of hands and filling up the page. Why? Will make sense in a moment. Once it is all dry, then come and position the mask over the hands so that it lines up to approx. where the stencil was. By going around the hands, you have some forgiveness at this stage. You just need to be in the neighborhood – then do the black paint around the mask. As you’re reading this, if it sparks a different way to do it, go for it! Hope that helps!

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